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Doitex is free rsi software which eliminates risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI) for computer users.

In order to avoid RSI, it is recommended by doctors, that computer users should take short relaxing brakes for 5-10 min after each working hour.

But it is not only for health but for motivation as well. I will write about that in this blog.

Download here.


It is easy to use Nokia mobile phone software for personal expenses and income tracking.

This project I am doing together with my partner. And we recently launched that software in Nokia Ovi Store.

Money motivates - pay for learning

Money motivates - pay for learning

I have got a free online seminar about "How to make money online". Fine. But.. no action from my side. I did nothing.

Then I have bought (for 50$) a product about the same topic. And I did all the steps provided in that learning product.

And here it is - you can Google by "free rsi software" and you will see that is on 1st page!

Yes, it required more time than promissed. Yes, it is required more steps to be done.

Interesting that I was going to post here the link to that product but it's no more available. Sorry :)

Ok, but I believe most of e-marketing products are similar. They all are promissing "instant success" and it is not truth.

You will have to work! And the biggest challange is to start and to continue the work to be done.

The main problem in online marketing is to get free trafic to your selling sites. You can learn how to do that - there exists many learning tools how to do that properly.

But you have to pay for your education. It is only way how to get things done, because we do not appreceate information for free and therefore we do not take steps to apply it practicly.

So make your first step (by some learning product) and keep going!