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Doitex is free rsi software which eliminates risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI) for computer users.

In order to avoid RSI, it is recommended by doctors, that computer users should take short relaxing brakes for 5-10 min after each working hour.

But it is not only for health but for motivation as well. I will write about that in this blog.

Download here.


It is easy to use Nokia mobile phone software for personal expenses and income tracking.

This project I am doing together with my partner. And we recently launched that software in Nokia Ovi Store.

How to set different background color for odd and even rows for an WebNode table

27/04/2011 09:55

If you have tables in your WebNode site, then it is good approach to set different color for odd and even rows. In that way your readers could read tables much comfortable. Here is example of table I am talking about:

Some header Another header
This row is white and here too
This with gray background gray too
This again is white ...
Gray ...
White White

If you wish to have all your tables in WebNode with such a user friendly design, then you are in the right place. Here are steps you should take to apply new design to your tables in WebNode:

Nr. Step
1.. Download this JavaScript code I have made
2. Open JavaScript file in Notepad, change in downloaded JavaScript source code variable even_color to your desired color
3. Download your site's template. You can get it from Layout Options -> Templates
4. Decompress downloaded template file (it's an ZIP archive) to seperate folder
5. Open in Notepad template file index.html
6. At the end of index.html locate body closing tag and before that copy+paste all the script you modified in step nr. 2. Then save file.
7. Compress all template files back to zipped archive. Give unique name for archive file, for example ""
8. Import your new template file to WebNode and activate it


When you will do all the steps from above, then all WebNode styled tables in your site will have coloring for even rows. If you will add new tables - they will have new design as well.