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Doitex is free rsi software which eliminates risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI) for computer users.

In order to avoid RSI, it is recommended by doctors, that computer users should take short relaxing brakes for 5-10 min after each working hour.

But it is not only for health but for motivation as well. I will write about that in this blog.

Download here.


It is easy to use Nokia mobile phone software for personal expenses and income tracking.

This project I am doing together with my partner. And we recently launched that software in Nokia Ovi Store.

How to get notification about new comment post from my Webnode site

16/09/2012 22:07


You have to search all your Webnode site in order to check if there are new comments to make them answered/monitored.


Use the embeded code which will send e-mail to you with dirrect link to site's page immediately after a new comment will be posted.

Nr. Step
1. Download this JavaScript code I have made

Open downloaded file (or copy text) in Notepad (or Word) and change in source code variable email to your e-mail address. After changes modified code line should look like this:

var email="";

3. Copy all modified script from Notepad and include it as Embeded Code in your Webnode site. It is better to include it in the template section, because then it will be available in all pages by default.
4. Then make a test comment to check if everything works fine.

You will receive emails from "doitex" - that's one of my domains :)